Custom Made Shirts from €49

Custom Made Shirts from €49

Bordeaux Red Business Socks Von Floerke

Von Floerke

Bordeaux Red Von Floerke Socks

12.00 €

Von Floerke's hand knitted Bordeaux red socks are an incredibly refined choice. Just about working with all classic tones like grey, navy, beige the socks add some wow factor without shouting too loud. The sock cuff is long enough that you won't commit the style crime of showing leg when you are sitting down in a suit.

All Von Floerke socks are hand knitted in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. A great deal of care and quality goes into giving your socks a long life.

    •    83% Cotton 14% Polyamide, 3% Elastane
    •    Made in Germany
    •    Hand Knitted

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