Custom Made Shirts from €49

Custom Made Shirts from €49

How It Works

How It Works Tailor & Tales Custom made Shirts

Three easy steps to your best fit ever. Perfect fitting branded shirts in under 5 minutes using big data and our smart fitting system.

  1. Select your shirt. You pick the style.
  2. Create your size. We use thousands of data points to accurately produce your best fit.
  3. All within the EU, the respective brand produces their shirt personally for you.

Fit Guarantee

In under 5 minutes you can select an incredible shirt and create your very own size.

We are perfectionists. If you are not totally satisfied with the fit of your shirt let us know. We guarantee the fit so shopping custom made is risk free.

Only EU Production

We all care about quality, the planet and each other. So we only work with brands who produce responsibly in Europe. Happier shirtmakers produce higher quality shirts.

Not a globetrotter. Mainly using high quality Italian fabrics the materials do not have to travel far to reach their local or European workshops to be produced before arriving with you. That means no wasteful air miles. Just a pure high quality product made for you by real people in responsible working conditions.

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