Custom Made Shirts from €49

Custom Made Shirts from €49

About Tailor & Tales

Tailor & Tales is the first size-less online retail destination for custom-made menswear that is produced by brands. There are no sizes in our store. First, create your size using our quick and easy to use online app. Next, your individual size will be created and a range of premium brands will then be able to produce clothing custom made for you. It's a case of 'same shirt, better fit' with all garments made just for you.

Create your size with Tailor & Tales and open a world where every shirt is cut and sewn especially for you. Don’t waste any more time shopping standard sizes. Try shopping the smart way with shirts made personally for you by the brands you love. Once you have created your size with our easy to use app, every brand will fit you perfectly. But what if you change shape? No worries, our friendly customer service team can offer you one-on-one service and help you update your fit at any time. Shop smart.

Tailor & Tales is dedicated to improving the standard of garments produced in the menswear industry. That means better fitting clothes, produced in a smarter way: we are reducing waste and eliminating the cost of returns while improving the ethics and cleanliness of each of your garments' lifecycle.
We’re switching the power back to you, the consumer, with made to order production and giving you back the pleasure of owning and wearing quality garments from your favourite brands that have been made personally for you. All it takes is a few simple clicks in our size app and we can create your size today.

It's simple. Our partner brands produce their garments specifically for you. This ensures you get the styles you want in the same, if not higher quality than you receive 'off the rack' and with the perfect fit. We make sure the fit is consistent for all brands so you never have to try something on again. Easy online and mobile shopping means no more changing rooms, no more wrong sizes and no more returns. Our typical lead time for production among our partners is 3 weeks. The more of you that join us the shorter this time will gets. And as they say, quality takes time.
You'll be happy to know you are part of something super innovative. And you are the one driving change. By helping us to produce garments 'one-off' rather than mass producing standard sizes, you are pioneering an incredibly clean and ethical way to do business while reducing waste and shipping costs for unwanted, unsold and returned products.

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