Custom Made Shirts from €49

Custom Made Shirts from €49

The Trouble With Double Denim

Mastering the denim shirt can be hard. Traditionally worn as workwear, a well worn shirt can create a rugged and stylish look. However there are more ways to wear denim than just casual. When you invest a little time and energy in the look you’ll reap the rewards of looking great. Here’s how:

Treat it like a jacket

Wear the denim shirt over a t-shirt and throw caution to the wind over how many buttons you fasten. Rolled sleeves are a nice touch on warmer days. We'll leave whether to go tucked, un-tucked or even half tucked the style often worn by David Beckham.

Denim shirt stone chinos NYMB

Double Denim

Dangerously good, mixing similar tones of denim can be super effective but there is a risk. If you are too unsure about which types of denim to combine then try some dark jeans with a light denim shirt. Getting the fit right counts for a lot, tricks like slightly wider trousers paired with a closely fitted shirt will give the illusion of a narrower waist.

 Double denim Shirt NYMB Tailor & Tales

Part of a Suit

A daring look. Select a high quality denim shirt that's well pressed and not rough around the edges for this look to work. This can be a really refined look. You'll find the your choice of shirt controls how smart or casual the outfit looks.

Denim Shirt NYMB Jacket Tie

As part of separates

Denim shirts work beautifully well as part of a well composed ‘separates’ outfit. Try mixing with a navy blazer, stone chinos and a knit tie. You don't need to go over the top like these guys though. Unless you feel that's cool? Then more power to you.

Separates denim shirt

Pair with a Cardigan

We all know 'layering' is effective. So why not layer your denim shirt with a cardigan. It's the ideal over layer for those cooler days. We enjoy wearing our denim shirts with anything from thin navy cardigans to pullovers. Why not try wearing your denim shirt with a chunkier knit cardigan like Steve McQueen here.

Steve McQueen Denim Shirt


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