Custom Made Shirts from €49

Custom Made Shirts from €49

Trend Report: Men's shirts and Woven Dots?

Prepare for Spring and Summer in 2016. Yes trends repeat and come in waves. Luckily for us guys they don’t turn over half as fast as womenswear. Which practically have their own microclimates! So why should you observe trends?

Wearing trends is a hard game. Knowing when to spend and when to save your budget before falling into the trap of a ‘one time wear’ item is a skill as much as an art. The good news is men’s shirts are a safe bet as we’ll always need them as long as they’re not too crazy. Items with interesting details that are initially subtle before being discovered and finding that these details are really quite cool.

So here’s our inside track on one the 2016 trend: Woven Dots.

It’s all about the details with woven dots. They blend style and texture and they are a great trend to wear thanks to the range of styles available. From the smooth and subtle to the big and bold. Taken straight out of the Tailor & Tales store here are our picks.


Bienne Blue Circle Shirt

Artigiano Bienne Blue Woven dot shirt
A subtle and stylish shirt choice. Brings some attention to detail to the office.


Norwood Blue Ripple Shirt

Norwood Ripple Blue Shirt
Business or casual this shirt is a solid choice for adding something different without losing your edge.

Savaran Midnight Blue Dot Shirt

Eton Midnight Blue Woven Dots Shirt
Midnight Blue is always cool. We'd take this as a casual shirt. Slick and chic.

Pully Navy & White Striped Daisy Shirt

Artigiano Pully Woven Flower Shirt

They say women love strong men but also look for sensitivity... Perhaps this shirt is the answer? Business or casual this shirt is really rather amazing try it and you won't look back.


Whether you wear woven or not. It's worth being aware of the trend. A drop of style knowledge by the water cooler is never a bad thing.

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