Custom Made Shirts from €49

Custom Made Shirts from €49

How to Look Smarter Than Your Budget

Menswear Style Tips

Man in Suit on a budget

We all spend to much money on this and that. So it seemed like a good time to share some of the best tips for looking good on a budget. Style is not just about how you wear your clothes but also about how you feel in them. So let us break down the steps to sartorial success.

  1. Fit is everything. A well dressed man turns heads, people are rarely drawn in by a single item. Typically it is the complete outfit and how well it fit that really sparks interest with others.
  2. Timeless. Is a good note on buying practices and coordination. Simple things like matching the types of metal throughout your outfit’s accessories is as important as matching your shoes to your belt. Details make up the bigger picture.
  3. Invest in style. We ask ourselves a few questions to help buy the right pieces; 'Will I be bored of this fabric in 6 months time?' 'How does it fit into my wardrobe?' And 'Which situations would I enjoy wearing this shirt, dinners, meetings, or at the weekend?'
  4. Go Custom made. It doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are a regular shape then a custom suit and shirt are a huge upgrade while those of us like myself who have longer arms or other 'outside the mainstream' proportions should see custom made as a necessity.
  5. Keep it clean. Simple enough, take care with your garments. Always iron your shirt and try to avoid dry cleaning your suits. Instead ask the dry cleaner to press them. They will last a lot longer.
  6. Avoid trends. Why waste money on items that you will feel uncomfortable wearing in a month? Save the money, and spend it on something that you’ll enjoy wearing long term.
  7. Buy cheap, buy twice. Sadly this phrase is becoming more true everyday. If you’re a victim of fast fashion it’s worth upping your average spend on clothes and  maybe buy less. It will work out.
  8. Something that pops. Coordinating your outfit is a must. Following rules about not breaking up the body is also important. However it’s always worth adding a detail like a fun pocket square, cuff links or watch that pops.
  9. Take advantage of sales. Why wouldn’t you? It’s always worth looking around, even Tailor & Tales offers sales in their New Arrivals section. Which is a great way of starting out in custom made.
  10. Confidence. It’s not just what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Often confidence comes through comfort, both with yourself but also what you are wearing. Try wearing your more daring outfit, the checks or bright colours on days where you need to wow.


Overall enjoy your clothes and take pride in your appearance. These are not rules but just guidelines to help steer toward a better wardrobe. Happy shopping.

If you are disappointed that these tips didn't go out and do the work for you then ask a question in the comments section below and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

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