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Outfit Analysis: How to Wear Checks

Checks Menswear Style

Checks are the style this season and you can start wearing them right now. Here are some of our tips.

We won't patronise you by listing all the types of checks available instead we 'break down' some outfits to show you why they work and offer some insight into how best to incorporate checks.

Justus F Menswear Instagram

Image courtesy of @justusf_hansen

Above is a fine example of relatively conservative base the white button down shirt, plain tie and sweater combo. This provides a good foundation for any outfit. Layered with a check suit that is not too bright is a fine addition which calls attention without screaming thanks to it's muted tone. Now thanks to all this balance with the first layers, a patterned overcoat can be worn comfortably without a single item looking out of place. Overall the mix of classic and bold creates a strong but most importantly wearable look.

Prince of Wales Check Suit and Shirt

The Prince of Wales check is a real classic, we won't bore you with the history but it's been around for long enough. In the right colour it's pretty easy to work into outfits with other check patterns. As shown above it's even possible to work with stripes and a heavily patterned tie. Which is a hard balancing act.

By wearing a soft blue toned Prince of wales jacket with the fawn light brown tie this gentlemen is already wearing two complementing colours as well as fabric types. Which is something to think about when composing your own outfit. Adding the yellow striped shirt to this look is not for the faint-hearted but is compensated for slightly by the white collar so the yellow stripes only get to hint from underneath the jacket. Masterfully an egg yolk yellow pocket square has been deployed nicely to draw out the stripes from the outside. When it comes to multiple colours and patterns the trick is to look for complementary colours, patterns and fabrics to work them into an outfit.

Mixing checks and stripes is certainly a tough look to get right so be sure to check out some of the fine examples by the masters featured in our Top 10 Stylish Men of Instagram article.

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  • Ben on

    Hi Jon. Sorry for the delay responding.

    No worries about the checks, this is a common belief but i’m sure you’ll be able to pull it off!

    I would recommend starting small with micro checks, in a colour of shirt you typically wear. So if you normally wear blue, then try a blue micro check shirt. Get comfortable with that, and you’ll soon be able to take on the ultra bold windowpane checks!

    What style of shirts do you normally wear?

  • Jon on

    Thanks for an updated check on the checks. I personally like checks, but have a hard time finding the ones that fit me, as I (suffer from the?) believe/f that my face will ‘disappear’ when wearing too distinct a of pattern. Any thoughts/recommendations to keep in mind?

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